Vice President Kamala Harris Reveals: 'Listen, I'm Ready to Be President if Necessary' -
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Vice President Kamala Harris Reveals: ‘Listen, I’m Ready to Be President if Necessary’

On Friday, Kamala Harris talked with Peter Alexander, NBC’s chief White House correspondent about the potential presidential debates.

Peter Alexander asked VP Kamala Harris: “Will President Biden commit to debating Donald Trump?”

Harris replied: “I haven’t talked to the President yet about that.”

“On the one hand, you have Joe Biden, someone who is competent, principled, who has accomplished more than many Presidents even hoped for,” Harris added.

It remains unclear what Harris meant when mentioning Biden’s “accomplishments.” During his presidency, more than 11 million illegal immigrants have crossed into the United States.

Peter Alexander also asked whether Harris would participate in a debate, “Will you commit to do a debate?”

She replied: “Peter, we just got through the State of the Union and I’m just so excited about what we accomplished last night and our President.”

She then decided to talk about whether or not she was ready to be President.

“Listen, as it relates to me, I’m ready if necessary, but it’s not gonna be necessary,” Harris stated.


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