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U.S. Department of Defense Labels Pro-Life Organizations as ‘Terrorist Organizations’

The Biden administration’s Department of Defense has made a ridiculous move, labeling pro-life groups as “terrorist organizations” during an anti-terrorism briefing at Fort Liberty’s Directorate of Emergency Services (formerly Fort Bragg) on Wednesday.

This deeply concerning slide from an anti-terrorism brief was first exposed by citizen journalist Sam Shoemate on X.

“An anti-terrorism brief was held on Fort Liberty (Bragg) today where they listed several Pro-Life organizations as “terrorist organizations.” The slide you see here followed right after a slide about ISIS, a terror group in the Middle East,” Shoemate wrote on X.

The presentation slide, which has since circulated widely on social media, lists these pro-life organizations that oppose “Roe[sic] v. Wade” under a headline reading “TERRORIST GROUPS.”

The presentation specifically focuses on organizations such as National Right to Life and Operation Rescue, both longstanding pillars of the pro-life movement.

These organizations are dedicated to peaceful advocacy against abortion, grounded in the belief that every life is valuable and worth protecting.

The slide startlingly compares their activities—like demonstrations, protests, mass gatherings, Life Chain, The Rescue, The Truth Display, and picketing—as well as counseling efforts on sidewalks and at crisis centers, to terrorism.

It lists these legitimate forms of protest and counseling alongside heinous crimes like bombings and attempted murders.

Demonstrations, mass gatherings, and sidewalk counseling are all protected activities under the First Amendment. However, this presentation portrays them in a way that equates them with violent acts.

The pro-life movement has a strong tradition of non-violent advocacy, highlighted by events like the March for Life, which brings hundreds of thousands of peaceful demonstrators to Washington, D.C., annually.

However, the presentation overlooks this history, instead presenting a distorted view that links pro-life advocacy with violence and extremism.

The slide also displayed a New York license plate bearing the text “IM4IT” and a design promoting the “Choose Life” message.

“They also included a screenshot of a license plate with “IM4IT,” which is a plate many Pro-Life citizens put on their car which implies normal citizens are terrorists if they display this plate,” Shoemate wrote.

“Keep in mind they’re not labeling them as extremist organizations (which would still be crazy), but as terrorist organizations. The military and Dept of Defense are insanely out of control. Service-members are being indoctrinated to view Pro-Life groups as the enemy,” Shoemate added.


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