Transgender Influencer Who Flashed Bare Breasts at White House Event Now Claims His Dog Is Trans -
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Transgender Influencer Who Flashed Bare Breasts at White House Event Now Claims His Dog Is Trans

Rose Montoya, the transgender influencer who exposed her bare breasts at a White House event last June, has announced that her dog is also transgender.

Recently, Montoya shared a long video on Instagram, where she informed her followers that her dog, Hera, is now considered transgender due to the animal being neutered.

“As you can see, Hera has a little cone on her head,” Montoya said about the male dog, “because my little baby just had gender-affirming surgery.”

“Hera just had an orchiectomy,” Montoya explained, “also known as one of the many forms of bottom surgery. But most of you will probably understand me better if I say that she was just neutered. Not spayed. Neutered. My dog is trans, and I love her so much.”

An orchiectomy, obviously, differs significantly from “gender-affirming” surgery. In veterinary practice, it’s the process of castrating male dogs, involving the removal of the male reproductive organs, known as the testicles.

Veterinarians frequently advise this surgery when a dog faces risks like cryptorchidism, infertility, cancer, or other health issues. It’s important to clarify that this procedure isn’t related to gender affirmation, transgender identity, or sexual confusion. Its primary purpose is to prevent life-threatening diseases and health complications.

However, Montoya enthusiastically shared that her male dog is now identified as a transgender “she.”

“Yes, my dog is trans! And she couldn’t be happier, because she has no understanding of gender, which is different from biological sex,” Montyoa wrote In his Instagram message.

“That being said, she does not act according to her sex. While most would consider her male, she does not perform most typical ‘male’ characteristics. If you’re upset about me assigning my dog’s gender ask yourself why you’re not upset that every single day humans assign gender to babies based on their sex,” Montoya rambled.

Montoya gained national attention last year, causing significant embarrassment to the Biden administration at a White House Pride event on the lawn.

During the event, Montoya grabbed headlines by pulling down the top of her dress and revealing her surgically enhanced breasts to the attendees.

Montoya stood by his actions when faced with criticism and claimed that going topless is “legal” in Washington, DC.

The White House, however, was less amused by Montoya’s behavior and subsequently banned Montoya from attending any future official events.

“I wanted to be fully free in myself,” Montoya said.

“I had zero intention of trying to be vulgar or be profane in any way. I was simply living in joy, living my truth and existing in my body. Happy Pride, free the nipple,” he added.

Following the ban, Montoya expressed frustration about the lack of companies hiring him as an influencer.


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