The U.S. Military Is Struggling to Find New Recruits Across All Branches — This Is Why -
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The U.S. Military Is Struggling to Find New Recruits Across All Branches — This Is Why

The U.S. Military is grappling with significant recruitment difficulties spanning multiple branches, a widely reported issue. Various factors are being scrutinized as potential causes, with particular attention directed towards the military’s adoption of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies.

Additional theories include the military’s newfound emphasis on ‘wokeness’ and the implementation of COVID-19 vaccine mandate policies.

An Army veteran, Jake Bequette, who ran for Senate in Arkansas, offered another explanation that seems quite plausible.

As reported by The Washington Times:

Why would young Americans defend a nation that needs to be ‘dismantled’?

Recently, Ashish Vazirani, the Pentagon’s acting undersecretary for personnel and readiness, testified to the House Armed Services Committee that the U.S. military missed its 2023 recruiting goals by 41,000.

Jake Bequette, an Army veteran and former U.S. Senate candidate from Arkansas, responded to this report by suggesting that no one should be surprised. Why? Because of what we’re teaching in our nation’s schools.

“In our education system today, so few young people are hearing real history,” Mr. Bequette said.

“They’re hearing our American heroes being represented as evil racists … who were doing all these terrible things to disadvantaged people. And that really is shaping the views of America’s youth and making them have less respect for our institutions, have less respect for our history, and therefore making them less liable to want to put their lives potentially on the line to serve in our country’s military.”

The article goes on to present concrete examples of radical leftist ideology being taught in schools and colleges across America.

Consequently, the left’s reluctance to enlist is fueled by their perception of the nation’s flaws, while the military’s disconnection from its traditional recruitment base compounds the issue. This volatile combination sets the stage for potential disaster.

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