BREAKING: The Supreme Court Refuses to Block Illinois 'Assault Weapons' Ban -
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BREAKING: The Supreme Court Refuses to Block Illinois ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

On Thursday, the Supreme Court of the United States opted not to prevent a Democratic-supported ban on ‘assault weapons,’ allowing the restrictions to remain in effect, at least temporarily.

On December 14, the Supreme Court rejected an urgent request for an injunction that sought to halt the Illinois ban on specific semiautomatic rifles and magazines, with none of the justices dissenting.

The ruling keeps intact the law, known as the ‘Protect Illinois Communities Act,’ which prohibits the general public from possessing firearms such as the AR-15 and ammunition magazines with a capacity exceeding 10 rounds.

At the end of November, the National Association for Gun Rights and firearm store owner Robert Bevis submitted an emergency petition. This came after a lower court turned down their request for a preliminary injunction against the statewide ban.

“We won’t stop fighting for our members,” the National Association for Gun Rights said in a post on X (Twitter), reacting to the news.

Hannah Hill, the executive director of the group, mentioned in a social media post that the high court has taken “serious notice” of this case on two separate occasions.

She added, “We look forward to giving them the opportunity to weigh in on the merits.”

In May, at an earlier stage of the case, the Supreme Court rejected the plaintiffs’ plea for an injunction. Similar to the present situation, none of the justices voiced public dissent at that time or now.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, who signed the ‘Protect Illinois Communities Act’ into law in early 2023, hailed the Supreme Court’s latest decision.

“Taking on the gun lobby and passing an ‘assault weapon ban’ was never going to be easy, but it was always the right thing to do,” the Illinois governor said in a post on X (Twitter).

“Today is a historic win for Illinois communities and families,” the post concluded.

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