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JUST IN: South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Orders National Guard Deployment, ‘The Border in a Warzone, so We’re Sending Soldiers’

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has ordered the state’s National Guard troops to be deployed to the southern border, aiding Texas in managing unprecedented levels of illegal immigration.

Ms. Noem, a Republican, announced that 60 South Dakota National Guard soldiers will be sent to the U.S.-Mexico border later this spring. The deployment will occur gradually over a span of three months.

“The border in a warzone, so we’re sending soldiers,” Ms. Noem said in a statement.

Two and a half years ago, South Dakota became the first state to send National Guard troops in response to Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s request for assistance in securing the border.

Ms. Noem stated that the National Guard troops would aid in the construction of a border wall.

“These soldiers’ primary mission will be construction of a wall to stem the flow of illegal immigrants, drug cartels, and human trafficking into the United States of America,” she stated.

The recently announced deployment will mark South Dakota’s fifth response since Mr. Abbott issued the call for assistance.

“Texas—with the support of America’s Governors—will fight to do the job Biden refuses to do,” Mr. Abbott said in a post on X (formerly known as Twitter), in which he noted that the U.S. Constitution gives states the right to “secure our borders against invasion.”

In response to a surge in illegal immigration, Mr. Abbott declared an “invasion” at the southern border in September. Subsequently, he directed the Texas National Guard and state law enforcement agencies to fortify the border, which included setting up razor wire and marine barriers.

The Biden administration filed a lawsuit against Texas, prompting the U.S. Supreme Court to decide that federal agents could remove the razor wire.

Since President Joe Biden took office, it’s estimated that more than 10 million illegal immigrants have crossed the border.

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