RuPaul Threatens to Send a Rainbow Bus to Give Away Books Barred By Anti-Grooming Legislation -
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RuPaul Threatens to Send a Rainbow Bus to Give Away Books Barred By Anti-Grooming Legislation

According to reports, RuPaul, the drag queen, plans to send a “rainbow school bus” from the West Coast to the South. The bus will distribute books that have been banned due to anti-grooming legislation.

RuPaul, co-founder of the online bookstore Allstora, believes that such a book website will address a crucial need “these strange days we’re living in,” as reported by The New York Times.

When RuPaul mentioned “strange days,” he was referring to the push against grooming, aimed at shielding children from transgender medical procedures, limiting exposure to drag performances, and curbing gender ideology materials in local libraries.

The drag queen claims that those who support anti-grooming legislation “have so much pain, and it’s being projected outwardly.”

“My heart goes out to them because they’re clearly in a lot of pain — pain that you and I could not even imagine,” RuPaul added, before claiming that anti-grooming efforts will eventually “fall to the wayside,” because people become more attracted to things they think they’re not allowed to do.

Regarding Allstora, RuPaul intends to organize a monthly book club that includes themed playlists and author interviews. The inaugural pick will be RuPaul’s memoir, “The House of Hidden Meanings,” released this past Tuesday.

RuPaul co-founded Allstora alongside drag queen and actor Adam Powell, along with Powell’s partner, author Eric Cervini. Cervini wrote “The Deviant’s War: The Homosexual vs. the United States of America,” a book chronicling the journey of gay rights activist Frank Kameny. Kameny faced dismissal from his role as an astronomer in the U.S. Army’s Army Map Service due to his homosexuality.

This month, Allstora’s “Rainbow Book Bus” is slated to journey from Los Angeles to the South, delivering specific books along the way.

The bus is scheduled to make stops in Birmingham, Alabama; Tallahassee, Florida; and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Allstora intends to distribute thousands of books in collaboration with local LGBTQ organizations in the cities on its itinerary. RuPaul’s online bookstore aims to gift 10,000 books by the year’s end.

Meanwhile, RuPaul and his spouse are constructing a secure compound in the red state of Wyoming, declaring, “We are moments away from a fucking civil war.”

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