Robert De Niro: 'Donald Trump Is a Sociopathic, Psychopathic, Malignant Narcissist' -
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Robert De Niro: ‘Donald Trump Is a Sociopathic, Psychopathic, Malignant Narcissist’

Hollywood liberal legend Robert De Niro firmly stated that he would never portray ex-President Trump in a film, arguing there’s “nothing redeemable” about him.

In an appearance on HBO’s “Real Time,” the 80-year-old actor started off by praising President Biden’s performance during Thursday’s State of the Union speech, dismissing worries about Biden’s age as “nonsense.”

“The bottom line is it’s Biden versus Trump,” De Niro told host Bill Maher.

“Do we want to live in a world that we want to live in and enjoy living in or live in a nightmare? Vote for Trump and you’ll get the nightmare. Vote for Biden and you’ll be back to normalcy,” he said.

The two-time Oscar winner found himself at a loss when Maher asked why he believed Trump was “winning” over Biden.

He referred to polls indicating Trump’s lead among crucial demographics such as women and Latinos, labeling the prospective Republican nominee as a “total monster.”

“I guess they get behind that kind of logic, they want to f— with people, screw them because they’re unhappy about something,” De Niro said.

De Niro, famous for portraying numerous mobsters in his career, such as Al Capone in “The Untouchables,” affirmed that he would never portray the 45th president due to his lack of character.

“He’s such a mean, nasty, hateful person. I’d never play him as an actor because he’s- I can’t see any good in him. Nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing redeemable in him,” De Niro said.

“Whoever the people are who want to vote for him- and they look like intelligent people around there, for some reason, it can’t be. It can not be,” he added.

“If he wins the election, you won’t be on this show anymore,” he warned Maher.

“He’ll come looking for me. They’ll be things that happen that none of us can imagine. That’s what happens in that kind of dictatorship, which is what he says. Let’s believe him, take him at his word,” he continued.

“He’s a sociopathic, psychopathic, malignant narcissist,” De Niro added, sparking applause from the liberal audience.

“He is a dangerous person, and we have to really help people… the people who somehow think he’s gonna be the answer to their prayers, whatever those are,” he continued.

When asked whether he knew him in New York social circles, De Niro replied he “didn’t want to know him” because he was “an idiot” and “a clown.”

“He’s a classic bully…. He’s got to be stopped,” De Niro said. 

De Niro went on to say he’s “not happy” about New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s choice to deploy National Guard troops to the New York City subway system to address crime.

Speaking to Maher, he conveyed being “unhappy” about the decision and expressed his willingness to assist in any way possible to ease the situation.

“Well I think people feel there’s a lack of common sense on the left and the right. Would you at least agree with that?” Maher asked. 

“I would agree with that,” De Niro conceded. 

“And that gives [Trump] a giant opening,” Maher continued before insisting Democrats appear to be “moderating” on various issues. 

“The bottom line is… Biden’s our guy. He represents what this country is supposed to be about,” De Niro stressed.

De Niro, a vocal critic of Trump for quite some time, received his ninth Oscar nomination this year.

This nomination comes in the Best Supporting Actor category for his performance in Martin Scorsese’s “Killers of the Flower Moon.”

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