Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene Reveals Something HUGE… 'Hunter Biden's Sex Workers May Testify Before Congress' -
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Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene Reveals Something HUGE… ‘Hunter Biden’s Sex Workers May Testify Before Congress’

The House Oversight Committee is continuing its probe into the involvement of the Biden family in illegal activities, specifically investigating the role of Hunter Biden.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene disclosed that discussions are taking place to have some of the sex workers involved with Hunter Biden testify before Congress.

Hunter Biden’s personal business dealings, particularly with individuals involved in prostitution and drug distribution, many of whom are from Ukraine and Russia, have raised significant concerns about potential risks to the United States.

As you already know, Hunter Biden disclosed to one prostitute that his laptop had been stolen by Russians for the purpose of blackmail, a statement that gained significant media attention.

For some reason, Hunter Biden felt the need to record this statement, probably to the delight of the prostitute.

Here’s what Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene just revealed about this.

“We’re going to track down these women and talk to them and if there is a credible reason that we need to bring them in front of the Oversight Committee then absolutely we will do that. Especially when it involves our national security,” she stated.

“I’ve been talking about it with [committee] Chairman [James] Comer and we’re already working in that direction.”

“There was an entire stack of papers and it was each transaction, each person, each LLC, Hunter Biden’s law firm, Hunter Biden himself, and multiple Biden family members — then it was all these prostitutes. And you can go through and it gives all the prostitutes’ names, addresses, birthdates, telephone numbers, their passports,” Greene continued.

“We need to talk to them, especially the ones from Russia and Ukraine. … We need to find out where they were with Hunter Biden. Did they go in the White House when [Joe Biden] was Vice President? We just need to know these things. Where they’ve been, what they know, what they’ve seen, what they’ve heard,” she concluded.

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