Rep. Mark Green Unveils Impeachment Charges Against Alejandro Mayorkas Over Failure to Enforce Border Laws -
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Rep. Mark Green Unveils Impeachment Charges Against Alejandro Mayorkas Over Failure to Enforce Border Laws

According to Rep. Mark Green, who serves as the GOP chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, Alejandro Mayorkas, the Border Chief, should be impeachment for refusing to enforce Congress’ border laws.

During a morning hearing on April 19, Rep. Mark Green presented the charges while Democrats defended Mayorkas with a fog of praise and pleas for more migration into the jobs and homes needed by Americans.

Here’s Green’s statement:

Mr. Secretary, you took an oath where you swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and to faithfully discharge the duties of the office. Your job is to protect the homeland. And one of those obvious duties is to secure the United States’ sovereign borders and to implement the laws duly passed by Congress.

However, you have not secured our borders, Mr. Secretary, and I believe you have done so intentionally.

There is no other explanation for the systematic dismantling and transformation of our border into a lawless and dangerous open border.

You’ve asserted in the past that it’s an issue of resources. But the numbers show a very different story. In just the two years of your tenure, more people have crossed our southern border into the United States than in the previous 12 years of two administrations combined.

Green’s statement was strong, and it was matched by comments from other GOP legislators, such as Rep. August Pfluger, who showcased the roadway deaths caused by Mayorkas’s support for illegal migration.

The Republican lawmakers, however, did not emphasize the issues that could potentially gain crucial support from swing voters, who have the power to influence the Democrats’ votes.

Some of these issues that the Republicans did not emphasize include the substantial economic pain caused by Mayorkas’s action of importing at least four million illegal immigrants who are willing to work for wages much lower than regular Americans. Many GOP legislators are reluctant to mention the vote-shifting pocketbook damage of migration due to the quiet pressure from their district and national donors.

While some GOP legislators highlighted the death toll caused by fentanyl drugs delivered by cartels, they did not question Mayorkas about his failure to utilize his economic leverage at the border to push Mexico to limit drug trafficking.

Also, the significant number of migrant deaths, especially the thousands of dead migrants in the Panama jungles, were largely disregarded by GOP legislators. To date, Republicans have not used this issue to shame Mayorkas and his Democratic associates.

Moreover, several GOP members made five-minute speeches that had little or no link to the legal process of impeachment. That failure of solidarity undermines the GOP’s ability to push its message past the pro-Mayorkas national media.

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