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Radical Michigan Imam Calls for American Muslims to Wage Jihad in US

Michigan Islamist preacher Ahmad Musa Jibril has urged American Muslims to engage in Jihad against the “infidel West” and has stated that Muslims in the U.S. should begin “normalizing” Jihad.

An account linked to the radical imam on X (Twitter), has posted multiple clips, including one that labels Joe Biden a “terrorist” due to his administration’s policy toward Israel.

“You have seen that senile Pharaoh of our time, he has lost his mind of everything, except his loyalty and support for Jewish occupiers is more to blame for the genocide in Palestine than the occupying Jews,” he stated.

“Yes, there is a holy war in Islam, it is Jihad. This may be a surprise to many who grew up in the West, especially those who were born or grew up post 9/11, because of the growing number of hypocrites, who are spreading the American-Zionist Islam, and it has nothing to do with Islam, that version of Islam is and Islam that suits the enemies,” he continued.

“If you can’t raise your child telling him you want him to be mujahid and martyr, then you are the root of the problem,” he added.

Jibril suggested that in the aftermath of the October 7 attack by Hamas terrorists on Israeli civilians, young Muslims should recognize that “the infidel West, particularly the US, are the enemies of Muslims.”

He also called Muslim mothers to “nurse their infants with the love of Jihad and the ambition to become a mujahid and a martyr.”


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