BREAKING: Pakistanis and Syrians Pouring Into Arizona, Border Patrol Confirms -
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BREAKING: Pakistanis and Syrians Pouring Into Arizona, Border Patrol Confirms

The border remains a significant concern for the United States. One of the primary issues at this time is the potential infiltration of terrorists into our country due to the current administration.

Ben Bergquam from Real America’s Voice visited Lukeville, Arizona this week to highlight the escalating situation in the area.

“This is today, and it will be like this tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day and this is one point on our border and it’s like this across our entire border,” he said.

Video footage depicts a Border Patrol truck being used for the transportation of luggage belonging to illegal immigrants. This practice undermines the role of our Border Patrol agents, essentially turning them into baggage handlers.

The Border Patrol has confirmed that a significant number of these individuals come from areas known for terrorism, such as Syria and Pakistan, and some even hail from Northern India.

The mainstream media either downplays this information or fails to report it altogether.

In this year alone, more than 150 individuals on the FBI’s terror watchlist were caught at the southern border.

When National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan was asked if Americans should be worried after Israel was attacked he said, “We continue to remain vigilant about terrorist threats to the homeland from anywhere.”

However, it’s an obvious lie…

The statistics are quite alarming when you consider the number of undocumented individuals coming from these regions associated with terrorism. Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and more. Many of them are caught at border entry points, but due to the absence of a comprehensive vetting system for these illegals, there’s a risk that many potential terrorists can slip through the cracks.


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