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[WATCH] THIS IS HUGE: North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson Endorses Trump — Crowd Goes Wild

During a Faith and Freedom conference in Washington this week, Lt. Governor Mark Robinson of North Carolina endorsed Donald Trump for 2024, eliciting an ecstatic uproar from the crowd.

Robinson is a true conservative as he passionately advocates for the Second Amendment and is a political rising star.

Currently, he is also running for governor in North Carolina.

This endorsement carries significant weight in support of Trump.

As reported by Politico:

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson endorses Trump

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson on Friday endorsed Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election, a sign of the former president’s continued strength among evangelical voters.

Speaking at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference in Washington, Robinson, a pastor who was elected to his current office in 2020, said the country needed a leader who would “put America first” and prioritize American interests.

“This nation needs a fighter, someone who is willing to go onto the world stage walking boldly, strongly, waving the American flag saying, ‘the Americans are here, and we are in charge again and we are going to lead this world into the future with freedom,'” Robinson said. “That is why, on this stage, today, I am endorsing Donald J. Trump.”

The announcement comes just a week after Robinson held off on formally endorsing Trump in an interview with a Charlotte, N.C. radio station. “President Trump is a guy for me,” Robinson said June 16. “But I don’t discount any of the candidates. And I’m not necessarily — right now, at this moment — ready to endorse anybody.”


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