BREAKING NEWS: New York Judge Arthur Engoron Threatens Trump, 'Severe Sanctions After This Dangerous Disobeying of a Court Order' -
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BREAKING NEWS: New York Judge Arthur Engoron Threatens Trump, ‘Severe Sanctions After This Dangerous Disobeying of a Court Order’

A New York City judge, Arthur Engoron, issued another warning to President Trump on Wednesday, this time cautioning him about potential ‘severe sanctions’ for a possible breach of the gag order related to his comments made to the press outside the courthouse.

New York’s Attorney General, Letitia James is seeking $250 million in ‘damages’ where there is no victim in this fraud case. She is also aiming to ban Trump and his sons from conducting any business operations in New York.

Last Friday, Engoron imposed a $5,000 fine on President Trump for ‘breaching’ his gag order.

On Wednesday, President Trump stepped out of the Manhattan courthouse during a mid-morning break in Letitia James’ trial. Michael Cohen, a convicted felon, gave testimony for the second consecutive day.

On Tuesday, Cohen, who has a history of dishonesty, informed the court that Trump had inflated his assets. He proceeded with his testimony on Wednesday.

President Trump briefly spoke with the press during the mid-morning break. He described Michael Cohen as a “discredited witness” and called Arthur Engoron a “partisan judge.”

“He’s a felon, convicted felon for lying, went to jail for lying, and this is their only witness,” Trump told reporters. “When you think about it, it’s pretty amazing.”

“The financial statements that we use were very conservative,” the former president added. “In addition to that, we have a disclaimer, which is go out and do your own due diligence, don’t necessarily believe what you read. In fact, don’t believe what you read, and here are the financials. You can look at them, and you can do whatever you want with it, but do not do anything in terms of considering them without analysis or due diligence.”

“Our country has become a laughing stock all over the world,” Trump told the press.

Judge Engoron immediately accused Trump of violating the gag order through his statements to the media.

“I stated the last time that any future violations would be severely punished. Why should there not be severe sanctions for this blatant, dangerous disobeying of a court order?” Engoron stated.

“Language sometimes is not clear, but this is clear to me,” he said, adding he’d take the matter “under advisement.”

Earlier this month Engoron issued a gag order in the fraud trial against President Trump. The judge threatened “serious sanctions” for violating the gag order which included fines and up to 30 days in jail.

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