New York City Doctor Fired After Posting a Picture Celebrating Hamas Terrorist Attack on Israel -
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New York City Doctor Fired After Posting a Picture Celebrating Hamas Terrorist Attack on Israel

On Tuesday, a deranged doctor in New York City was fired for sharing a disgusting remark that appeared to celebrate the massacre of innocent Israelis by Hamas terrorists.

Dr. Dana Diab, an emergency room doctor at Lenox Hill Hospital, posted an Instagram video that depicted the assault on the Nova music festival near Gaza, where at least 260 people lost their lives on October 7th.

The Palestinian doctor’s caption openly celebrated the brutality, stating: ‘Zionist settlers getting a taste of their own medicine.’

The posts gained widespread attention when StopAntisemitism, a nonprofit organization based in the United States, shared them with a cautionary message: “Jewish patients beware.”

Today, Diab’s employer, Northwell Health, responded to StopAntisemitism on X (formerly Twitter), confirming her termination.

“We’ve been alerted to discriminatory comments that appear to have been posted by a team member regarding the crisis in the Middle East. These views don’t represent Lenox Hill Hospital & Northwell Health & go against our core values. We are investigating & taking immediate action,” Northwell said.

“We are deeply sorry for the hurt and offense these comments have caused… The team member is no longer employed with Northwell,” he concluded.

Diab’s Instagram account has been set to private, and her profile picture now features an ‘I stand with Palestine’ flag.

The New York Post contacted Diab after her dismissal, and she made a questionable claim during the conversation saying “I never called for harm to anyone.”

She also added: “I never have and never will abdicate my duty and my oath as a physician.”

Diab’s professional online profile indicates that she graduated from Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar in 2016 before relocating to the United States. It’s worth noting that Qatar is not typically considered a welcoming environment for those of the Jewish faith.


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