NEW CONCERNING POLL REVEALS: Bigger Part of U.S. Youth, Aged 18-24, Want Israel to Be Destroyed -
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NEW CONCERNING POLL REVEALS: Bigger Part of U.S. Youth, Aged 18-24, Want Israel to Be Destroyed

In a Harvard-Harris poll, a majority of registered voters aged 18 to 24 in the United States expressed that they want “Israel to be ended and given to Hamas and the Palestinians” rather than the two-state solution favored by 60% of Americans overall.

The shocking result, following a survey of 2,034 registered voters on December 13-14, indicates that young people are notably more hostile to Israel than any other age group. This finding coincides with a surge in antisemitic protests on university campuses and in major cities.

Other results from the poll suggest:

  • 60% of those 18-24 believe that the October 7 terror attack was “justified” by Palestinian grievances (versus 27% overall)
  • 53% of those 18-24 think students should be “free to call for genocide” of Jews (versus 26% overall)
  • 67% of those 18-24 think university presidents “went far enough” in condemning antisemitism (versus 38% overall)
  • 79% of those 18-24 agree “white people are oppressors” and “nonwhite” people should be “favored” (versus 35% overall)
  • 67% of those 18-24 believe Jews belong in the category of “oppressors” (versus 27% overall)
  • 60% of those 18-24 think Israel is trying to commit “genocide” in Gaza (versus 37% overall)
  • 67% of those 18-24 think Hamas “can be negotiated with” (versus 36% overall)
  • 51% of those 18-42 think Israel started the “crisis” (versus 27% overall)

These results among young people are accompanied by seemingly conflicting results. For instance, 73% of individuals aged 18-24 agree that the attack of October 7 was “terrorist,” 66% agree that Hamas’s intent was “genocidal,” and 76% agree that Hamas “committed rapes and other crimes against women.”

The only area where young people appear more knowledgeable than older generations is in their understanding of Palestinian support for Hamas: 64% of those aged 18-24 believe that “Hamas is supported by the majority of Palestinians in Gaza” (compared to 34% overall). Recent polls of Palestinians indicate widespread support for Hamas.

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