Netflix Comedian Katt Williams: 'Black Americans Deserve the Money We Gave Ukraine' -
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Netflix Comedian Katt Williams: ‘Black Americans Deserve the Money We Gave Ukraine’

Comedian Katt Williams addressed the topic of reparations in his latest Netflix stand-up special, “Woke Foke,” suggesting that the tens of billions of dollars the U.S. has provided to Ukraine should be redirected to support black Americans.

Katt Williams’ special was streamed live on Saturday from the YouTube Theater in Inglewood, California.

During the show, the comedian covered various topics, from the discovery of a bag of cocaine at the White House to humorous commentary on transgender athletes, referring to them as “penginas” or “clitoris dickoris dock.”

However, his commentary on reparations has garnered the most attention.

“It is now time for black people in America to get paid reparations for everything that them and their ancestors have been through in American history,” Williams said.

“Why now, Katt? Thanks for asking, white friends. I’ll tell you why now, and understand white friends, I don’t speak for all black people. But I do speak for all n***as. And you are not supposed to know the difference.”

He said “the time is now,” later adding:

“We just gave $100 billion to the Ukraine. And God bless the Ukrainians. But off the record? We don’t know them n***as like that! You could’ve gave that money to black people. The fuck? We done gave them all that money. The truth is they over there getting their ass whooped over there. You coulda gave that money to the black people of Los Angeles, and they’d have went over there and whooped their ass in two weeks.”


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