National Sheriff's Association Confirms That Over 2 Million Terrorists Have Entered the United States -
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National Sheriff’s Association Confirms That Over 2 Million Terrorists Have Entered the United States

A new report suggests that there could be up to two million terrorists who have entered the United States and are currently within its borders due to President Joe Biden’s open border policies.

It is undeniable that some have entered the country, as border security teams have confirmed intercepting even those on terror watch lists at the border. However, experts acknowledge the challenge of monitoring those who evade detection.

When Biden took office, he implemented policies that significantly reduced border security measures put in place during President Donald Trump’s administration, which left the borders wide open.

Since then, millions of illegal immigrants have entered the country, prompting even “sanctuary” cities, whose officials claim to support migrants worldwide, to demand a halt to the influx.

Now, journalist William J. Kelly has published a report, referencing a source from the National Sheriff’s Association.

This information suggests that as many as two million suspected terrorists may have already crossed the border into the United States.

In his “Chicago Files” report, Kelly pointed out that the Democratic National Convention is set to take place in Chicago. He suggested that this situation could make the city a target, putting it in a vulnerable position.

Border experts have verified that a significant number of individuals entering the United States through Biden’s open border are men of military age, frequently traveling alone without family members.


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