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[MUST-WATCH] Something BIG Occurred Over the Weekend… Tucker Carlson Was Blindsided: ‘We Will Be Back on Monday’

As we already reported on Monday morning, Tucker Carlson and Fox News “agreed to part ways” over the weekend.

BREAKING NEWS: Tucker Carlson Decided to Leave Fox News Media

It was surprising that Fox News made this decision, especially since Tucker Carlson had the highest-rated show on the network.

Tucker Carlson, who had been with Fox News since 2009, hosted his final show on Friday, April 21st.

It’s weird how during his last show Carlson did not mention any departure from the network. He ended his show by saying, “We’ll be back on Monday.”

On his final show, Tucker Carlson conducted an interview with a pizza delivery worker who had stopped a robbery.

After the segment concluded, Tucker Carlson followed his usual sign-off routine and informed his audience that he would return on Monday. This suggests that something significant may have occurred over the weekend.


Considering Tucker Carlson’s 14 years at Fox News, it would be appropriate for him to have a farewell show at the very least. However, it seems that Fox News has no intention of arranging such an event.

It is worth mentioning that Tucker Carlson’s departure coincides with two recent events: Fox News being sued for over $787 million and a CBS News interview with Ray Epps that aired just one day prior.

Also, last month, Chuck Schumer publicly urged Rupert Murdoch to silence Tucker Carlson.

Why Did Fox News Fire Tucker Carlson? What We Know… Only About a Month Ago Chuck Schumer Urged Rupert Murdoch to Silence Tucker Carlson — COINCIDENCE?

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