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[MUST-WATCH] Professor Victor Davis Hanson Drops a TRUTH BOMB: ‘Fox News Made a Big Mistake, They Won’t Be Able to Replace Tucker Carlson’

In a recent interview, Victor Davis Hanson, a conservative historian and scholar, stated that Fox News made a mistake by parting ways with Tucker Carlson and that they would be unable to find a suitable replacement for him.

Hanson is a smart man and his argument is on point. As a consequence of the decision, Fox News is presently witnessing a decline in its viewership ratings.

And who do they think is going to take Carlson’s place at 8 PM? No current anchor possesses the ability to match his performance.

As reported by Newsmax:

Victor Davis Hanson: Fox News Can’t Replace Carlson

Fox News is miscalculating in its “emotional” firing of Tucker Carlson, severing ties with an irreplaceable force in new-age populist conservativism, according to Victor Davis Hanson, a fellow at the Hoover Institute.

Not only is the network disenchanting its audience, it gave the leftist cancel culture activists a victory, and created a 3.5-million viewer vacuum that other conservative networks like Newsmax are going to fill, Hanson told The Telegraph’s “Off the Script” podcast this weekend.

“The Murdochs are not quite understanding that when you take away somebody who had a greater potential elsewhere and was a precious asset that anchored your whole evening lineup and you fired him in a fit of pique, or anger without thinking it through, youve got to be very careful, because youre not going to be able to replace a guy like that,” Hanson said, warning the modern media is “fragmented” and allows many big names like Joe Rogan, Bill O’Reilly, and Megyn Kelly make their own way without corporate media.

Hanson added “a lot of people are very angry about it” and tuning out of Fox News as it turns left under the growing influence of Lachlan Murdoch.

“Tucker was able to stop the hemorrhaging from One America News or from Newsmax or all of the right rivals,” Hanson said, hailing Carlson as “responsible and learned but still can appeal on the same topics” that appeal to the anti-mainstream media crowd.

“So, I don’t know where they get that person, and I think that in the immediate week, it shows.”


As always, Hanson’s stance is accurate.

Fox News’ decision was a big mistake. Tucker’s unique voice is irreplaceable, and the network will be unable to find a suitable successor.

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