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[MUST-WATCH] BOMBSHELL Dropped on “Mornings With Maria” — Biden’s Impeachment ‘Very Likely’ — The Corruption Involves Prostitution Rings

According to Tennesee Rep. Tim Burchett, an impeachment of President Joe Biden may be triggered by new information provided by an IRS whistleblower who is seeking protection to testify before Congress.

Burchett, a Republican member of the House Oversight Committee, sounded the warning.

The ongoing inquiry into the Biden family’s crimes has exposed the involvement of a minimum of 9 family members in the family’s money laundering operations. These 9 Biden family members sold access for profit around the world.

During an appearance on “Mornings with Maria” with host Maria Bartiromo on Friday, Rep. Tim Burchett said: “This is just the very tip of the iceberg. This very brave IRS agent coming forward, I think will just start it. They’re talking about impeaching Biden. How could we not impeach Biden if this does, in fact, reach him?”

“Maam, we know of at least eight Biden family members who have profited from dealings overseas. I think if you delve into it deep enough, I mean there’s prostitution rings involved in this, human trafficking is rumored to be a part of some of this. These so-called companies that have allowed the Biden family to profit. It is gross and it is disgusting about what has been allowed to go on. If I was one of those 51 people I would be lawyering up right now,” he continued.

According to reports, the IRS whistleblower who has served at the agency for over a decade has claimed that the Biden administration is mishandling the federal investigation into Hunter Biden.

It was disclosed by an IRS whistleblower last week that Attorney General Merrick Garland was involved in the cover-up of the Hunter Biden tax evasion case.

As per reports, the Republican Congress currently possesses evidence indicating the involvement of multiple Biden family members in the money laundering operations that generated millions of dollars from foreign regimes.

Rep.Burchett’s statements seem to hold merit, as the long-standing money laundering schemes of the Biden family could potentially catch up with them and be exposed, labeling them as the “Biden Crime Family.”


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