WATCH: MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace Claims 'Trump Is Like Arsonists Admiring What He Tried to Burn Down' -
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WATCH: MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Claims ‘Trump Is Like Arsonists Admiring What He Tried to Burn Down’

On Thursday’s episode of her show “Deadline” on MSNBC, host Nicolle Wallace likened former President Donald Trump’s visit to the U.S. Capitol to “an arsonist admiring something he tried to burn down.”

“Congressman, quick question, some of the law enforcement officials who protected the Capitol, the Democratic and Republican members who work inside of it, have become well known to our viewers, Harry Dunn and Officer Gonell and others, I imagine some others we don’t know as well were there today when Donald Trump was there, we liken it to an arsonist admiring something he sought to burn down,” Wallace said.

“Do you know how law enforcement felt?” she asked.

Rep. Adam Schiff replied: “I can only imagine it is additional trauma given what they went through to protect this institution.”

“And not just the fact he came back to the scene of the crime, but that these senators and House members who fled, whom these police officers so bravely defended, that they are rushing back to the person who put them all in danger that day,” he continued.

“That has to be, I think, the most disheartening,” he added.


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