MSNBC's Chris Matthews Claims 'It's Very Reasonable to Assume That Trump Will Become a Dictator' -
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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Claims ‘It’s Very Reasonable to Assume That Trump Will Become a Dictator’

Former MSNBC host Chris Matthews, best known for his 2008 remark about feeling a “thrill up his leg” when describing Obama, recently appeared on the network’s Morning Joe program to grow fear over Donald Trump.

Matthews asserted that it’s “very reasonable” to believe that if Trump is reelected, he could become a dictator.

This fear-mongering is the only tactic the left has left. Unable to build a strong campaign for reelecting Joe Biden, they resort to scaring voters away from supporting Trump.

There is no evidence to suggest that Trump would become an authoritarian. However, there is plenty of evidence indicating that Joe Biden already exhibits authoritarian acts on many issues.

Here is the transcript:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: This is the opposite of Donald Trump, who wants to put them before firing squads, basically. He wants to put them all in jail. He’s unbelievable the way he talks about his opponents.

This is exactly the choice we have a dictatorship or a democracy. We have to choose.

This election is about more than abortion, it is about the whole question of what kind of government we’re going to have. What kind of country do we want to live in, do we have a dictator who tells the U.S. Congress not to do anything about the border, don’t do anything, let it rock’n’roll, let thousands come through between now and election day, it doesn’t matter if they stay here forever, as long as we win the election.

He’s going to talk like that to the Supreme Court. He would love to see them give him immunity, he would love to get that. He’s probably counting on it in this trial in New York too, about the hush money. He’s probably working on some backroom plan to somehow speed this to the Supreme Court and let Alito and that incredible coup they pulled off there against Judge Roberts. Alito is running the show. So, you never know what can happen with his five members.

I’m telling you, Trump could end up rolling the score. “I’ve got the Congress and I’ve got the Supreme Court, I own it all, I am a dictator.” It is very reasonable to assume that’s where he’s headed.


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