MSNBC's Joy Reid: 'MAGA Supporters Are in a Cult, Trump Is Like Cult Leader Charles Manson' -
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MSNBC’s Joy Reid: ‘MAGA Supporters Are in a Cult, Trump Is Like Cult Leader Charles Manson’

On Monday’s episode of “The ReidOut” on MSNBC, host Joy Reid drew a comparison between former President Donald Trump and cult leader Charles Manson.

“I was furiously texting my poor producers less than an hour before the show saying, wait a minute, as we’re talking about this, maybe we’re getting it wrong in a sense that, you know, I always say that the difference between religion and a cult is in religion your savior dies for you as Jesus did,” Reid said,

“In a cult, you’re asked to die for your savior. And what Donald Trump is doing, it’s equal parts the power of positive thinking which is the church to the extent it’s a church he grew up in, but it’s also kind of David Koresh. It’s kind of Jim Jones. Because those two men started by saying you need to come to Jesus,” she continued.

“They started as Christian evangelizers. Eventually, their evangelism said I get to have your wife, I get to tell you to kill these federal agents that are outside. I’m asking you to pick up a machine gun and shoot them because I don’t want to go to jail,” Reid added.

“This is Manson stuff, where you stop saying worship God and you start saying I am God. I am God is what Trump is saying to his followers,” Reid said.

“Donald Trump is not God. He’s not Jesus. He’s just a politician who doesn’t want to go to prison, and he’s selling you crap sneakers to make you pay his legal bills when he’s supposedly a billionaire. It’s a scam, a cult. Wake up, people and stay woke,” she added.

“He’s selling helter-skelter. It’s scary stuff,” Reid concluded.


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