MSNBC Claims Trump 'Must Die in Prison' in Order to Protect Democracy -
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MSNBC Claims Trump ‘Must Die in Prison’ in Order to Protect Democracy

MSNBC columnist and progressive radio host Dean Obeidallah suggested that Donald Trump “must die in prison” to serve as a public example.

Obeidallah was talking about how the media was portraying the two top presidential candidates during a conversation with his guest, Mediaite reporter Tommy Christopher, on Friday’s episode of “The Dean Obeidallah Show.”

Christopher felt that the media hadn’t expressed sufficient “outrage” towards Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley, who had predicted that President Biden, at 80 years old, might not complete another full term in office.

The reporter suggested that if Biden had warned voters that 77-year-old Trump might “die in prison,” conservative media would have reacted strongly.

Obeidallah chimed in, asserting that the former president should meet his end behind bars due to the criminal charges he’s facing.

“I think Donald Trump must die in prison because I don’t care if he was 45 years old. You should get life in prison if you attempt a coup, and there should be no chance of parole. I don’t care who it is,” the radio host stated.

Obeidallah argued a life in prison sentence would send the message to the public that “you can’t do this.”

“That’s why I think Donald Trump or anyone else who commits a coup, must die in jail, because either we’re going to protect the democratic republic, or we’re going to allow people, in this case, Trump, to chip away at our democracy and chip away at what we believe in these institutions,” he argued.

“That’s why I’m so passionate about, like with every fiber of my being, that Donald Trump has to live out his natural days, his last days of natural life, in a prison cell,” he added.

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