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28-Year-Old Totally Healthy MMA Star in ‘Peak Physical Condition’ Hospitalized Due to a Sudden Heart Attack

A rising MMA star is in the ICU after suffering cardiac arrest on June 8.

Since June 8th, Cris Lencioni, a 28-year-old from Portland, Oregon, has been fighting for his life in the ICU after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Lencioni is in the featherweight division in Bellator.

According to the GoFundMe page started by his family:

On June 8th Cris suffered a cardiac arrest. As you can imagine this was completely unexpected considering he is only 28 and in peak physical condition. Cris is currently in the ICU in his biggest fight yet.

We believe in the goodness of God, and we don’t know anyone with more will, strength, and determination than Cris. Cris has already overcome so much in his life, and we have faith in his ability to overcome any obstacle.

Cris has made a significant impact on those in his life and community. He is quite a character, quick to tease and make jokes, has the most infectious laugh, and is always so full of light and life. Cris is a natural entertainer, his MMA persona makes him so fun to watch.

He loves working with children and has often made sure kids were able to participate in tournaments and train BJJ in his gym regardless of their ability to pay. He has always talked about the importance of mentoring kids and being there to support kids who are struggling with hard things. His gym and kids’ program is his passion project.

Cris is a loving husband to Marca and father to an almost 2-year-old little boy.

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