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Mighty Aphrodite Star Mira Sorvino: ‘Trump Winning Means End of America as We Know It’

Actress Mira Sorvino, famous for her roles in Summer of Sam and Sound of Freedom, stated that a potential second term for former President Donald Trump would mean the “end of America as we know it.

Sorvino expressed her concerns about America’s future in a detailed thread on X.

“I used to be so grateful having been born female in this country at the time I was-feeling it was the best time/place to be a woman in history, despite ongoing inequality & vulnerability. Now that advantage is eroding-seeing men discussing taking away our right to vote, & other fundamental rights,” she wrote.

After reviewing numerous sexual assault allegations against Trump and E. Jean Carroll’s defamation lawsuit victory, Sorvino questioned how the United States could “choose a leader you wouldn’t trust to babysit your daughter?” She then criticized his position on illegal immigration.

“This election is of crucial importance to our fundamental way of life & freedoms & rights we take for granted as human beings. If you think, I’m gonna vote for DT bc my taxes won’t go up & he’s funny, you are literally contributing to the end of the American Experiment as we know it,” she said.

“For people of any faith, especially Christians who believe he’s their man, how can you elect such a hedonistic, dishonest, dangerous man, who builds a platform on whipping up hatred of the immigrant- (classic Hitler play, whom he admired) when Jesus talks of loving the foreigner?” she added.

After asserting that Trump doesn’t care about everyday Americans or military personnel, Sorvino issued her final warning.

“Electing him for a 2nd term will be the end of America as we know it, flawed but beautiful & worth fighting for. True patriots want to preserve the foundational ideals we’ve tried to follow/improve on for 2 1/2 centuries. Don’t let the haters co-opt the term-Let’s be patriots!!!!” she concluded.

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