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[VIDEO] Michigan Imam Threatens: ‘We Muslims Will Yet Slaughter the Jews Like Sheep’

A Michigan Islamic cleric recently made alarming remarks, suggesting that Muslims will eventually “slaughter” Jews “like sheep” when the chance presents itself. The cleric, in an appeal to Allah, expressed a desire for Muslims to be willing “soldiers” for Islam, even if it means embracing death in any form.

During a sermon at the Islamic Center of Warren, Michigan, Imam Abdou Zindani issued a cautionary message about the future of Jews worldwide. He referenced a Palestinian entrepreneur who reportedly disclosed to a Jewish New Yorker what Muslims envision for the Jewish community.


“Don’t worry, don’t worry, Jewish man,” he said.

“One day will come, and we will slaughter you like a sheep and the stone and the tree will work… undercover for us, [saying:] ‘Hey Muslim, come, there is somebody hiding here, get up and kill him,” he continued.

The Sheikh seemingly referred to a chilling passage from Islamic teachings, found in the Hadith, which states: “Judgement Day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews. The Jews will hide behind the stones and the trees, and the stones and the trees will say, oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew hiding behind me — come and kill him.” The same excerpt is cited in the Hamas terror group’s charter.

Later on, he emotionally implored Allah, pleading for Muslims to be enlisted as his “soldiers.”

“Every way you want us to be — with the tank, with the eye, with the money, with the hand, make us soldiers for Islam,” he said. “Make us die the way you want us to die.”

The video, initially broadcasted live on the mosque’s YouTube channel, has rapidly gained traction online in recent days. Numerous individuals have voiced their anger over the extremist language being promoted within the United States.

“They are here. Islamists are in the US. They are preaching Islamic supremacy, terrorism and the destruction of our culture,” warned one X user. “Is the FBI on the job? Do you care about uncontrolled, illegal immigration? How long will people wait?”

“It’s getting late,” he added.

“Sort of says something that Democrats are tripping over themselves to capture these votes, doesn’t it?” asked another user.

“This is the constituency that Biden is trying to placate with his Gaza policy,” one user remarked.

“Dear American Jews, This is exactly what the radical Islamists said to us Jews of Iran in 1979 when Khoemeni came to power — and they did begin executing prominent Jews in Iran. Why do you think we all left Iran?” wrote another user, adding, “WAKE UP and stop this genocidal evil before it’s too late!” he added.

Zindani, hailing from Michigan, was a speaker at the 2023 interfaith Thanksgiving service organized by Detroit’s InterFaith Leadership Council. He serves as a preacher at the Islamic Center of Warren, Michigan, which operates as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, making all contributions tax deductible.

The issue arises as Arab American voters across different states have signaled their intention to “punish” President Joe Biden in upcoming elections because of his position on Israel and the Gaza conflict.

In Michigan, a state critical for the president’s reelection prospects, over 100,000 Democrats opted for “uncommitted” rather than supporting Biden in the primary. This suggests considerable discontent within his own party.


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