Documentary Filmmaker Michael Moore Claims 'White Christians Are Slaughtering Jews, Palestinians Aren't Israel's Prosecutors' -
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Documentary Filmmaker Michael Moore Claims ‘White Christians Are Slaughtering Jews, Palestinians Aren’t Israel’s Prosecutors’

Documentary filmmaker and left-wing activist Michael Moore has accused “white European Christians” of perpetuating thousands of years of anti-Jewish oppression. In his statement, he absolved Palestinians of any responsibility for the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel.

Instead, he contends that Palestinians have been confined to an open-air prison and subjected to oppression for the last 15 years without having “committed any crime.”

He made these accusations during an interview with MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin on Sunday, responding to his question by asking:

“Can somebody tell me right now, what crime the Palestinian people as a group, have committed… what is the crime, because according to my knowledge of history, the enemies of Israel who have been persecuting the Israelis, the Jewish people of this world, have been persecuted for 5,000 years.”

“But for the last 2,000 years most of the persecution has come from white, European-centric Christians … that’s been your enemy, no Palestinian helped to build Auschwitz, no Palestinian stood on the docks of New York City, when boatloads of Jewish refugees were trying to escape the Holocaust and came here to be protected by this country and were turned away at the docks of New York and sent back to Germany to die,” he continued.

“No Palestinian did that, no Palestinian ran the Spanish inquisition, your enemy is not the Palestinian people, it is white Christian European people who have been slaughtering Jews for the last 2,000 years. And let’s just call it for what it is. But why are they [Palestinians] in an open air prison?” he added.

Moore concluded his winding segment by voicing concerns that if Donald Trump returns to the White House in November, he may align himself with an “authoritarian in Tel Aviv.”

The Hollywood director further pleaded with President Joe Biden to not let Trump back into power, saying “Trump’s a bad guy” and Moore’s self-described job is to convince millions of young voters of that fact.


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