SHOCKING: Man Accused of Shooting Chicago Woman in Face in 'Nice White Neighborhood' -
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SHOCKING: Man Accused of Shooting Chicago Woman in Face in ‘Nice White Neighborhood’

Chicago police have filed charges against a 23-year-old suspect for shooting a woman in the face inside a car back in November.

Following the incident in Jefferson Park, authorities stated that an individual from another vehicle shot the woman while she was inside a separate car, as reported by CWB Chicago on Saturday.

Yet, investigators and prosecutors currently assert that this is not the case.

The individual accused in the case has been named as Nathan Frazer, a resident of Skokie.

Before the shooting, Frazer was reportedly driven to the victim’s residence to meet her and two others, as stated in the CWB Chicago report. The report also mentioned that the suspect had only met the woman once before the incident occurred:

He arrived holding a bottle of alcohol and quickly became agitated when he misplaced his phone, but he became quiet and kept to himself after finding it in the Lexus he came in. About two hours later, the group all entered the Lexus to give Frazer a ride home, according to a written proffer filed by prosecutors.

Frazer was seated behind the driver alongside two other individuals, while the victim occupied the passenger seat. According to reports, when the suspect demanded to be taken home and raised his voice, the driver explained that the car needed time to warm up before they could leave.

But as the vehicle started moving, the suspect attempted to leave, while the victim begged him to calm down, as detailed in the CWB Chicago report:

After Frazer unsuccessfully lunged toward the victim, she yelled that he would not do anything to her “because this is a nice white neighborhood,” the proffer said.

“Who isn’t going to do anything, b***h?” allegedly Frazer replied, in sum and substance, as he pulled a gun from his waistband and immediately shot her in the face.

After the incident, the woman remained hospitalized for almost a week because of a fractured jaw. Medical experts had to extract two molars and wire her jaw shut.

Authorities have now filed charges against the suspect for attempted first-degree murder. In a court hearing on Thursday, Judge Maryam Ahmad ordered his detention.

Social media users were quick to offer their thoughts on the case, one person writing, “Nice work democrats!! Is it bad enough yet?”

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