Prominent Law Professor Drops a Bombshell: 'Fani Willis Case Against Trump Is Unraveling' -
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Prominent Law Professor Drops a Bombshell: ‘Fani Willis Case Against Trump Is Unraveling’

A well-known law professor warned that the legal proceedings led by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis against former President Donald Trump appears to be “unraveling”, with concerns arising about her connection with Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade.

In recent days, President Trump’s legal team in Georgia has submitted fresh court filings indicating that Ms. Willis and Mr. Wade might have been involved in a relationship for a longer period than previously acknowledged in court.

This revelation comes after an examination of Mr. Wade’s cellphone records. In January, a co-defendant accused the duo of maintaining a covert relationship that allegedly resulted in gains for both Ms. Willis and Mr. Wade.

In court this month, both Mr. Wade and Ms. Willis made contradictory statements, which Georgetown University professor Jonathan Turley said could imperil their case.

“Now, the Willis team kept on preventing questions from the opposing counsel, who is trying to show that it was in fact this attorney that supported their original motion that this relationship began long before Nathan Wade was hired,” he told Fox News Tuesday.

“Now, whether we’re going to finally see those questions answered is something we will be watching closely today, but the case seems to be unraveling for Willis and Wade.”

Their testimony contained a “great deal of contradiction, particularly for Mr. Wade. Some of his earlier sworn statements appear to be irreconcilable with the facts that he later testified to,” Mr. Turley said.

“That’s a nice way of saying that people believe he may have lied under the earlier sworn statement. That’s pretty serious because these two are prosecuting people for making false statements and filing false papers with courts,” he later added.

Mr. Turley suggested that Judge Scott McAfee could potentially accuse her of perjury based on her statements. That’s if the allegations are confirmed to be true, he said, adding they could also be “referred to the bar” in Georgia.

During the weekend, Ms. Willis’s office filed a dispute in court against a prior submission by Trump. This submission relied on a private investigator’s review of Mr. Wade’s phone records, aiming to imply that he had visited her condo significantly more times than he had stated in a recent court hearing.

In the latest development of President Trump’s racketeering and election case, his co-defendant made allegations suggesting that Ms. Willis and Mr. Wade were involved in a secret relationship. It was claimed that she financially profited from this arrangement, a claim later confirmed by both parties.

“The records do not prove, in any way, the content of the communications between Special Prosecutor Wade and District Attorney Willis; they do not prove that Special Prosecutor Wade was ever at any particular location or address; they do not prove that Special Prosecutor Wade and District Attorney Willis were ever in the same place during any of the times listed,” Ms. Willis’s office wrote in the filing.

Following the submission of an affidavit by investigator Charles Mittelstadt on behalf of the Trump team, it was revealed that the two individuals had engaged in over 2,000 calls and exchanged 12,000 text messages in 2021.

This communication occurred months before they asserted the beginning of their relationship and before Mr. Wade was recruited for the case.

Ms. Willis and Mr. Wade both maintained that their relationship commenced in 2022, after he was hired by her office.

The latest submission brings up new concerns regarding the timeline of the relationship between the district attorney and Mr. Wade.

President Trump and other defendants, charged with allegedly attempting to unlawfully overturn the 2020 election in Georgia, contend that this romantic involvement poses a conflict of interest. They assert that both prosecutors should be disqualified from the case.

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