House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Threatens: 'We Have Not Stopped, and We Will Not Stop Investigating Biden Family Corruption' -
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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Threatens: ‘We Have Not Stopped, and We Will Not Stop Investigating Biden Family Corruption’

During an interview on Breitbart News on Saturday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy stated that Republicans “have not stopped” and “will not stop” investigating Biden family corruption, despite facing serious resistance from federal bureaucracies.

McCarthy thoroughly examined the recent revelations regarding corruption within the Biden family, which, unfortunately, took a backseat this week as the Biden administration prioritized indicting former President Donald Trump.

“We were told by a whistleblower that they said there was a document where an individual came to the FBI and said they heard that a person had to pay, I believe it was $5 million, for an action that the vice president would take and that they would pass it through shell companies from one to the next, where money could get to the vice president. We wanted to know was that even true and was it looked at,” McCarthy said.

Clarifying the situation, McCarthy revealed that the FBI initially denied possessing the document and they refused to comply with the subpoena.

In response, McCarthy personally contacted FBI Director Christopher Wray, informing him of their intention to hold the agency in contempt, forcing him to change his mind.

From that moment, Wray confessed that the document indeed existed, but he will only authorize the chairman and the vice chairman to see it.

McCarthy explained that was not what they asked for.

“Everybody on the committee has a right to it,” McCarthy said, the statement explains that both Republicans and Democrats, upon reviewing the document, could potentially present different stories, leaving the public and committee members uncertain about the actual truth.

“So we worked forward. … If you don’t supply it to everybody on the committee, we’ll hold you in contempt,” he said, trying to explain that they found out that “Raskin actually lied about what went on.”

“Bill Barr came out after Raskin saw the document with Comer and said one thing, and Barr said no, that’s not true, that we didn’t say from the investigation this was over. We thought this was credible to look at. And from this information, it was that somebody heard something. You haven’t found the exact dollar going to somebody,” McCarthy added.

He also said that they have found from other banks they have been investigating “that there were shell companies from the Biden family, that they went all the way down to paying grandchildren in there, that the son was paid, the brother was paid, the daughter in law … through shell companies moving forward, and the money came from foreign entities.”

The 1023 poses questions to the FBI, the speaker explained.

“Did you ever investigate this? And if you investigated this, where’s the information on it?” McCarthy asked. “And are there any more 1023s and people saying this from other countries?”

The House speaker defined this information as the “tip of the iceberg,” saying that it “gives us more information to follow and to go get more knowledge as we look through.”

“But we’ve had to fight every step of the way’ and we had to uncover this. I mean, it’s almost like Comer and Jim Jordan have been detectives, finding little clues and looking other directions, and the administration has been fighting us not to provide it, but I will tell you from Comer, from Jim Jordan … we have not stopped, and we will not stop,” he concluded.

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