Katie Couric Denigrates Donald Trump's Supporters, Claims MAGA Voters Driven by Anti-intellectualism and Class Resentment - www.conservativeroof.com
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Katie Couric Denigrates Donald Trump’s Supporters, Claims MAGA Voters Driven by Anti-intellectualism and Class Resentment

Journalist and advocate for liberal causes, Katie Couric, appeared as a guest on Bill Maher’s Sunday edition of his podcast “Club Random.”

In their chat, Couric and Maher delved into the division in society and what drives supporters of Trump.

Couric pointed out that the wealth gap in the U.S. has never been wider, leading to growing class resentment. She suggested that this resentment, combined with feelings of “jealousy,” is fueling the MAGA movement.

Couric didn’t shy away from highlighting what she sees as the intellectual snobbery of the elitist left, noting that MAGA voters are “anti-intellectual.”

“The socioeconomic disparities are a lot and class resentment is a lot and anti-intellectualism and elitism is what is driving many of these anti-establishment — which are Trump voters — so, I think that is a huge problem that we have to address,” Couric argued.

“I mean globalization and the transition from an industrial to a technological society — I don’t know if you’ve ever been jealous of someone else or resentful — it is such a corroding and bitter, almost bile feeling,” she added.

“I think that when people who are really struggling see people who have everything and are on top of that, looking down on them, it is just a recipe for such anger and resentment and grievance,” Couric continued.

Maher replied, expressing his frustration with the media’s constant negative portrayal of Trump. He also emphasized his desire for the media to grasp the viewpoint of the average Trump supporter.

Couric, on the other hand, has made it clear that she has no interest in understanding Trump voters. Instead, she seems intent on denigrating them.

When Couric joined Maher in 2021, she asserted that Trump supporters required “deprogramming” and labeled them as members of a cult.

“How are we going to really, almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump?” She told Maher.


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