Kari Lake Sends a Warning to Governor Ron DeSantis: 'If You Want to Have a Political Future Stay Out of 2024 Presidential Race' - www.conservativeroof.com
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Kari Lake Sends a Warning to Governor Ron DeSantis: ‘If You Want to Have a Political Future Stay Out of 2024 Presidential Race’

Arizona Republican Kari Lake has delivered a not-so-subtle message to Gov.Ron DeSantis that if he “wants a political future,” he shouldn’t run in the 2024 presidential election.

Kari Lake’s comments follow shortly after Trump shared a post on Truth Social, stating that not “one true Trump supporter” would vote for Governor DeSantis if he wins the Republican presidential primary.

While there have been speculations that Governor DeSantis may announce his candidacy later this month, he has not made any official statements regarding his plans for the 2024 presidential election.

Governor DeSantis has been widely seen as the leading Republican competitor to Trump in the 2024 presidential race. He recently embarked on a trip to Japan, South Korea, Israel, and the United Kingdom with the goal of to bolstering his foreign policy credentials.

Governor DeSantis’ allies have expressed concerns about his readiness for the presidency, with some citing a recent dip in his poll numbers as evidence of his vulnerability as a candidate.

Kari Lake amplified on her concerns about Governor DeSantis during a recent appearance on Rudy Giuliani’s radio show, where they discussed various issues.

During their conversation, Rudy Giuliani and Kari Lake talked about the connection between Governor DeSantis and the leading Republican presidential candidate. They pointed out that DeSantis’s re-election victory owed much to Trump’s backing. Additionally, Lake warned that DeSantis might harm his relationship with Floridians by running for president so soon after his re-election.

“I think DeSantis’s political career is in trouble if he doesn’t get smart,” Lake said. “He has been an effective governor — there is no double about it. He has been effective. The people just voted him in. Can you imagine if you were just voted in for your second term as mayor of New York and, within weeks, you were already plotting and planning your next [venture]?”

“All I’m saying is I really believe DeSantis needs to realize that if he wants to have a political future he needs to wait until 2028,” she continued.

“I think he could if he does the right thing and handles it. I think if DeSantis was to back out now, it would be really smart for him to do that. He’s got a big career ahead of him, and the question is, does he want a big political career? If he does, I think he backs out now and supports Trump wholeheartedly and then continues to run Florida,” Lake added.

Political analyst David McLaughlin said that DeSantis might have already missed his opportunity.

“Given that Ron DeSantis’s poll numbers are dropping faster than a boat on Disney’s Splash Mountain ride, I doubt he even runs,” he said. “Threats like this can only add to his motivation to skip a 2024 run.”

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