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Judge Juan Merchan Threatens to Consider Four New Trump Gag Order Violations, Sets New Hearing

On Thursday afternoon, Judge Juan Merchan announced his intent to review four additional violations of gag orders by former President Trump, as he deliberates on whether to hold him in contempt.

Last Thursday, prosecutors from Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s office asserted that Trump breached the court’s gag order ‘seven more times.’

On Monday, Bragg’s office asked the court to levy a $1,000 penalty for each of the three previous Truth Social posts, demand Trump remove them, and caution him that future violations could lead to imprisonment.

The DA’s office was referencing a New York Post article criticizing Michael Cohen as a “serial perjurer.”

Prosecutors asserted last Thursday that Trump broke the gag order seven additional times since Monday by citing remarks from Fox News host Jesse Watters.

Trump posted to Truth Social on Wednesday: “They are catching undercover Liberal Activists lying to the Judge in order to get on the Trump Jury,” Jesse Watters.

This week, Judge Merchan conducted a hearing on the alleged violations of the gag order, but he postponed making a decision on the matter.

A new hearing regarding the violations of the gag order has been slated for May 1st.

As reported by far-left CNN:

Judge Juan Merchan said he signed the order to show cause regarding four new violations of a gag order for former President Donald Trump.

He signed the order to show cause from the district attorney for the first 10 violations, too.

This means he will hear the additional four violations they have now added. He hasn’t made a decision yet or held Trump in contempt.

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