John Bolton on CNN: 'Case Against Trump Even Weaker Than I Feared' -
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John Bolton on CNN: ‘Case Against Trump Even Weaker Than I Feared’

On Tuesday, John Bolton, who served as the National Security Advisor under the Trump administration, stated on CNN that the legal case against former President Donald Trump in Manhattan was “even weaker” than he feared.

Anchor Jake Tapper asked Bolton: “What do you think of the indictment?”

Bolton replied: “Well, speaking as someone who very strongly does not want Donald Trump to get the Republican presidential nomination, I’m extraordinarily distressed by this document. I think this is even weaker than I feared it would be. I think it’s easily subject to being dismissed or a quick acquittal for Trump.”

“I can say there is no basis in the statutory language to say that Trump’s behavior forms either a contribution or an expenditure under federal law,” he stated.

“The two key definitions and issues here. If it did, it would mean that every single expenditure a candidate made could be taken to have something to do with his campaign. Do I buy a $1 comb to comb my hair or a $10 comb to comb my hair? If you can construe the statute to cover this behavior, then I think it violates the First Amendment because you’re deeply into territory that makes this statute absolutely federal statute too vague for enforcement,” Bolton explained.

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