BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Joe Biden Blackmailed Obama With Threats of Exposing His Private Homosexual Lifestyle -
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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Joe Biden Blackmailed Obama With Threats of Exposing His Private Homosexual Lifestyle

Mike McCormick, a former White House stenographer who worked closely with Joe Biden, asserted in an interview with Alex Jones that Biden leveraged potentially damaging information to manipulate Barack Obama.

McCormick alleges that Biden threatened to expose Obama’s supposed homosexual affairs unless certain conditions were met, wielding this information as a tool for political leverage.

Mike McCormick, a former White House stenographer who closely collaborated with Joe Biden during his time as Vice President, played a crucial role in accurately transcribing speeches, meetings, and other communications involving Biden and other government officials.

His firsthand experience provided him with an intimate perspective on the operations and inner workings of the Obama regime.

He authored a book titled “The Case to Impeach and Imprison Joe Biden,” offering firsthand insights from his six years as Joe Biden’s White House stenographer.

As stated in his book:

McCormick, who made national news in April 2023 by revealing he submitted evidence to the FBI that would impeach Joe Biden, confirms that he was interviewed extensively about his knowledge of Biden’s corruption and evil by investigators from the House Oversight Committee and the Senate Homeland Security Governmental Affairs Committee.

McCormick courageously identifies US government officials who assisted Joe Biden in his evil schemes, including then president Barack Obama. And McCormick names the journalists who continue to cover for the Obama–Biden corruption. Despite all the evidence, he has not yet been asked to testify under oath about what he saw. That’s why he’s written this book.

In his interview with Alex Jones, McCormick alleged that Biden came across potentially scandalous information about Obama’s personal life early in their partnership and used it to ensure his position as a trusted and indispensable advisor.

Alex Jones: So finishing up with this area, you’ve been inside, worked for Trump, worked for Biden. You’ve been in the middle of it while you’re there with the world leaders, creating a record of it. We’re talking about a fly on the wall. What does the Democrat establishment do?

Because I’ve always thought and seen that Obama had a lot of control of Biden. But I agree, he’s shifting more towards Hillary. Do you think Obama was really the power behind it, or was that made up? Or has it always just been Biden in control?

Mike McCormick: I think people talk about Obama being the puppet master and Biden being the puppet. I think it was the other way around.

I think Obama made his mark in the Democratic circles in 2004 with a big speech at the Democratic Convention. Joe Biden at that time knew he wanted to run in 2008. So he marked this guy. He probably had his operatives go look into his background.

In 2006, when Obama makes it through and gets him in the Senate, Biden tucked him right under his wing. He was the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. He tucked him right under his wing and put him on the Foreign Relations Committee so he could get some foreign policy experience. Probably Biden at that time thought he would be the presidential candidate and have Obama as his vice president.

Well, Obama flipped the script on him. But Biden may have known something about Obama, something out of his personal life that Obama had to hide. He makes Biden his vice president. Biden always had this saying about Obama that he told him, “I want to be the last guy in the room after everybody leaves when there’s a big deal to be done.”

That’s probably when Biden told him, “Okay, you’re going to do this with me because I know this.”

Alex Jones: What is that thing? That Obama is a homosexual?

Mike McCormick: Yeah, I think that’s what he was talking about. What I knew, I don’t know for certain what Obama was behind the scenes.

Alex Jones: But you were watching this as his stenographer. Wow.

According to McCormick, the basis for these claims lies in the Air Force One passenger manifest. He asserted that there were multiple occasions when Obama traveled solo to Chicago or California without his family, raising questions about his activities during those trips.

Mike McCormick: I will tell you this. We used to get the Air Force One passenger manifest. Obama would fly back and forth to Chicago. When he flew back and forth to Chicago, very rarely, maybe only less than five times, he would go there all the time because that’s where his political office was for re-election.

Michelle and the kids never went with him. So he would go back to their home, their house, where they were born and grew up without his family. Why would he do that? Michelle Obama was a Chicago girl.

She had friends there. She never went back with him. Why was that? And that’s what I saw in the Air Force One manifest. Obama had something going on in Chicago, and the same thing played out on the West Coast. When Obama first met Xi as a president, that was in June of 2013, there was a big…

There’s a question around the meeting. It was out in a place in California called Sunnylands. It’s in Palm Springs. And Xi showed up with his wife, but Obama didn’t show up with Michelle. And people were asking, “Why isn’t Michelle here? Xi brought Madame Xi, why isn’t Michelle here?”

And there was never a good answer. And so she wasn’t out there. So there were a lot of times in California trips where Michelle wasn’t around, California and Chicago. I don’t know what they were doing, but I have a feeling that there was something going on. It was what Joe Biden knew.

Alex Jones: But you saw Biden basically say, “I got Obama by the short hairs.”

Mike McCormick: That’s what my feeling was behind the scenes.

When asked if he believed Biden was blackmailing Obama with homosexuality, McCormick agreed, suggesting that this was the reason Biden received many significant assignments during their time in office.

Alex Jones: You’re saying, from what you saw, your dead reckoning is that Joe Biden was blackmailing Obama with homosexuality?

Mike McCormick: Yeah, probably. I think that’s why he got so many big assignments. In 2009, I wasn’t there at this time, but this is what my understanding is. He came in and he got the Recovery Act. He started doing meetings in the cabinet room. It was always like a junior president.

Alex Jones: Clearly, it’s been known that Obama is involved in a bunch of weirdness. He’s blackmailed. But you’re saying it’s been Biden that brought him in day one that’s controlling him. I’m going to put the headline out that, “White House whistleblower believes Biden has been blackmailing Obama.”

Mike McCormick: That’s why Biden got all these big assignments. Joe did Iraq. Joe went into Afghanistan. He made their decision on Afghanistan. Joe did the Alliance for Prosperity. Joe did Ukraine. Joe did Putin. He did the [Great Reset], all these things because Joe came in there, he wanted to be the President. He’s in the hot seat there.

If Obama, God forbid, dropped when he was President, Joe would have been the President. That was his dream come true. So the entire time he was in the White House, he was angling to be the President ahead of Hillary. He wanted to be the candidate in 2016. And he was pushing hard to do that, especially in 2014.

And then Beau got sick, and he died. And Joe basically backed down from wanting to be President. But his staff wanted him to be President. He wanted to be President. He was pushing Obama behind the scenes.


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