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January 6 Police Officer Faces Discipline Over Undercover Conduct

A police officer in Washington faced disciplinary action after violating rules guiding the conduct of undercover law enforcement, according to Washington’s police department.

The investigator “was disciplined for violating general orders relating to undercover operations” during the breach of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, a spokesperson with the Metropolitan Police Department revealed.

“The member violated policies and procedures specific to working in an undercover capacity,” the spokesperson added.

Earlier this year, the District of Columbia’s police department provided documents to the Council of the District of Columbia, revealing that an investigator faced disciplinary action for “involvement in the January 6 riot.”

The officer, identified as a white male although not named, received a 10-day suspension for prejudicial conduct or violating “orders/directives,” as stated in the documents.

The document included brief summaries of allegations that were presented to the Internal Affairs Division, according to the spokesperson.

“In this specific case, the summary incorrectly characterized the allegations,” the spokesperson added later. “We are unable to provide additional details regarding the discipline served, than what is listed in the document, due to employee privacy laws.”

According to court documents filed in 2023, several officers from the Metropolitan Police Department were operating undercover near the Capitol on Jan. 6. Video footage and images depict these officers mingling with the crowd, which breached barricades and chanted slogans like, “Whose house? Our house?”

The government later told defense attorneys that 12 Washington officers with the Electronic Surveillance Unit were undercover on Jan. 6, as well as additional officers from the Narcotics Special Investigation Division. Nicholas Tomasula, one of the officers, said he was tasked with recording what unfolded and nothing else but said he joined in when the crowd was chanting and urged people to “go, go, go” up a flight of stairs at the Capitol.

Another officer, Shane Lamond, was charged in 2023 with obstruction of justice and making false statements after allegedly communicating with the leader of the Proud Boys group.

Former FBI agent John Guandolo testified that he was present with agents on Jan. 6 and observed additional agents within the crowd.

Some defendants, including William Pope, have continued seeking more information about the undercover officers, including their identities, and details have slowly emerged from court filings, witness testimony, and other documents and proceedings.

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