WATCH: Israel Releases Interrogation Footage of Terrorist Confessing to Rape -
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WATCH: Israel Releases Interrogation Footage of Terrorist Confessing to Rape

Israel released a video on Thursday showing a captured Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist confessing to raping an Israeli woman on a kibbutz during the October 7 terrorist assault. Additionally, he admitted to shooting an Israeli man.


In a statement, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) clarified the video footage, stating:

Unit 504 of the Intelligence Directorate reveals footage of an interrogation of a terrorist from the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization, who admits to raping an Israeli woman during the massacre and murdering civilians.

The terrorist, Manar Mahmoud Muhammad Kasem, an operative of the naval force of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization, was apprehended at the beginning of March by soldiers of Unit 504 who operated under the 98th Division in the Khan Yunis area. In his interrogation, he described in precise detail the atrocities he committed, according to him: “The devil took over me, I laid her down, started undressing her and did what I did.”

The footage of the interrogation is further proof of the onslaught of murder and sexual violence by the terrorist organizations on October 7th, in an attempt to make the voices of those who can no longer tell be heard.

A United Nations report released in early March verified that Hamas and other terrorist groups committed rape and sexual violence against both Israeli women and men during the October 7 attack.

The report also highlighted ongoing sexual violence against Israeli hostages as a continued concern.

A recently released hostage, Amit Soussana, came forward this week, recounting her experience of being sexually assaulted by her guard while held by Hamas in a private residence in Gaza.


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