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[WATCH] In a New Video Hezbollah High Command Warns Israel, ‘We Are Coming’

On Sunday, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported that they had exchanged fire with Hezbollah, a terrorist group supported by Iran, in a disputed region within Israel.

This exchange follows shortly after a devastating attack carried out by the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Israelis and left thousands more injured.

Hezbollah, a militant group supported by Iran, fired precision-guided rockets and artillery at three positions in the Shebaa Farms region. They stated that this action was taken as a show of support for the Palestinian people, following a coordinated attack by Palestinian terrorists on towns in Israel.

Senior Hezbollah figure Hashem Safieddine warned that the attack in Shebas served as a “message” to both Israelis and the U.S. to stop this “foolishness,” or else the entire region could become embroiled in conflict.

“The responsibility obliges all the sons of our nation not to be neutral and we are not neutral,” Safieddine stated.

“The resistance sent a message this morning in Kfarshouba to say that it is our right to target the enemy that is still occupying our land and the Israelis must read this message well,” he added.

“There is a message to the Americans and Israelis that what happened in Gaza means that your protracted foolishness and underestimation have led you to the Al-Aqsa Flood (Operation), and if you go further today you will witness the flood of the entire nation, not only al-Aqsa,” he threatened.

He also said that “the scene of the storming of settlements around Gaza coupled with rocket shelling will one day be repeated dozens-fold stronger, from Lebanon and from all the areas that are adjacent to occupied Palestine.”

Now on Monday, the Hezbollah High Command, an Iranian proxy, issued a statement with a warning to Israel: ‘We are coming.’


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