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Idaho Libraries Ban Children, Require Visitors Under 30 to Show ID

Thousands of books have been targeted for removal under a controversial Idaho law that prohibits children from accessing public libraries.

Legislation passed by conservative lawmakers allows parents to sue libraries for books they deem obscene or otherwise inappropriate.

As reported by The Daily Mail:

Public and school libraries had 60 days to remove the book or move it to an adults-only area closely monitored by staff, or face lawsuits from parents.

However, many libraries were too small to create a special section, or lacked the resources or appetite for risk, and instead banned kids entirely.

A sign in the Idaho Falls Public Library, with a huge stop symbol, informed patrons they would need to show photo ID if they were under 30.

Children could only enter if they had an unrestricted library card signifying their parents were happy with them browsing alone, or be accompanied by a parent who ‘must sign an affidavit every time you come to the library’.

The sign sparked outrage online, and many critics contrasted it with abortions being banned under almost all circumstances, including rape and incest.

Donnelly Public Library, located north of Boise, has announced an adults-only policy due to its small size, citing difficulties in complying with the law.

Using the bathroom or participating in a program that requires parents to sign a waiver cannot be done without parental escorting.

“Our size prohibits us from separating our ‘grown up’ books to be out of the accessible range of children,’ it said.

‘Because we don’t have an attorney on retainer, we can’t take those chances. We need to let it be fought out by somebody other than a small and rural library.’

Library officials acknowledged the policy would affect homeschooled children in a ‘dramatic’ way but said it was necessary to protect staff, the library, and taxpayers’ funds.

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