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HORRIFIC: 15-Year-Old Girl Brutally Beaten by Transgender Student in Girls’ Bathroom, Mother Files Lawsuit Against School District

An Oklahoma mother has filed a lawsuit against Edmond Public Schools following an incident where her teenage daughter was severely beaten by a transgender student in the girls’ bathroom.

In a shocking incident that unfolded on October 26, 2022, at Edmond Memorial High School, a 15-year-old girl identified as “E.G.” was allegedly subjected to a brutal assault by a 17-year-old transgender student.

Theresa Gooden, who filed the lawsuit last Thursday, claims that the accused attacker, assigned male at birth, violated a state law signed in May 2022 by utilizing the girls’ restroom.

As per the law, it is mandated that public school students utilize restrooms in accordance with the gender listed on their birth certificates.

Students who identify as transgender but choose not to comply with the policy are required by a law signed by Governor Kevin Stitt to use a “single-occupancy restroom or changing room.”

According to the legal document obtained by The New York Post, the incident left the young girl with “severe physical and mental injuries, severe physical and mental pain and suffering, and severe emotional distress.”

According to the lawsuit, the police intervened on October 21 and removed the accused attacker from the school after making threats toward E.G.

Gooden has now filed a lawsuit against the district, seeking over $75,000 in damages and reimbursement of her legal fees.

As reported by Daily Mai:

The suit also states that the transgender student ‘confided’ in her daughter that ‘he was in fact a male student that identified as a female.’

E.G. claims that she informed the assistant principal Maryjel Cochrane of the conversation, but court documents claim nothing was done.

The lawsuit states that the district was aware that the student was transgender at the time of the attack in October but had done nothing about it.

The school claims they were not aware, as the pupil had only enrolled at the school a few days prior to the incident.

In a statement, the school previously said that the pupil was enrolled as a female as parents are not required to present birth certificates when starting.

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