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Hillary Clinton Claims ‘Trump Wants to Kill His Opposition — Putin Does What Trump Would Do’

During her podcast interview with Marc Elias, a far-left lawyer who assisted Hillary in pushing the fake Trump-Russia dossier in 2016, Hillary Clinton talked about Joe Biden and the Democratic Party while also attacking Trump.

“Putin does what Trump would like to do,” Hillary Clinton said to Marc Elias on his “Democracy Docket” podcast. “Kill his opposition, imprison his opposition, drive journalists into exile, rule without any check or balance. That’s what Trump really wants.”

“And so we have to be very conscious of how he sees the world because in that world, he only sees strong men leaders. He sees Putin. He sees Xi. He sees Kim Jong Un in North Korea. Those are the people he is modeling himself after and we’ve been down this road in our, you know, world history. We sure don’t want to go down that again,” she continued.

Marc Elias added: “You have been right about everything. I feel like you were cheated. I think that your election was not on the up and up because Russia got involved… and Donald Trump, and all that.”

Clinton then continued: “If he ever gets back near the White House again, it will be like having a dictator. I don’t say that lightly. Go back and read Project 2025. They’re going to fire everybody. The person in the government who knows about the next pandemic? Get rid of him.”


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