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Here’s Who Jeffrey Epstein Sent Letter to From Prison Two Days Before His Death

Shortly before he “hanged” himself in his Manhattan jail cell, Jeffrey Epstein penned a letter from behind bars to another high-profile pedophile, Larry Nassar.

However, he never got the letter.

The shocking revelation was included in the 4,000-page collection of documents obtained on Thursday by the Associated Press.

These documents also offered an updated glimpse into Epstein’s declining mental health during his 36-day stint at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan.

Epstein’s unopened letter to Nassar, who spent decades sexually abusing young girls, was discovered weeks after his suicide in the mail room of the since-shuttered lockup with a “return to sender” notice.

“It appeared he mailed it out and it was returned back to him,” the investigator who found the letter told a prison official by email. “I am not sure if I should open it or should we hand it over to anyone?”

The contents of the letter were not among the documents the Associated Press received from the Bureau of Prisons under the Freedom of Information Act.

The documents did include a psychological reconstruction of Epstein’s death that shed light on the convicted pedophile’s behavior leading up to his Aug. 10, 2019 suicide.

Two weeks before he died, prison officials reported that Epstein, 66, was sitting with a vacant expression on his face in the corner of his cell, tortured by the unending sound of a broken toilet that wouldn’t stop running.

Epstein was booked at the federally run prison on July 6, 2019. Within just 22 hours of his arrival, he was removed from the general population “due to the significant increase in media coverage and awareness of his notoriety among the inmate population,” according to the psychological reconstruction of his death.

He revealed during his health screening that he had 10-plus female sexual partners within the last five years.

According to medical records, he was suffering from sleep apnea, constipation, hypertension, lower back pain and prediabetes. He had also previously been treated for chlamydia.

Epstein appears to have tried to adapt to prison life initially, signing up for a Kosher meal plan and requesting through his lawyer permission to exercise outside, documents revealed.

Just two days before his suicide, he even purchased $73.85 worth of items from the prison commissary — including an AM/FM radio and headphones, according to jail records.

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