Former Hamas Hostage Reveals 'Palestinian Nurses Cheered Upon Seeing Abductees' -
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Former Hamas Hostage Reveals ‘Palestinian Nurses Cheered Upon Seeing Abductees’

Israeli-American Judith Ra’anan and her 17-year-old daughter Natalie were kidnapped by Hamas during the October 7th attacks targeting civilians.

Ra’anan and her daughter traveled from their home in Chicago to Israel to celebrate her mother’s 85th birthday.

The two were held captive for a period of two weeks before they were the first ones released by the terrorist group.

During an interview with News Nation, Ra’anan revealed that Palestinian nurses at a Gaza hospital cheered when a group of hostages was brought in.

She recounted that following their abduction, they were forced to march into Gaza with their hands bound with zip ties and were subsequently taken to a hospital.

“The minute we came in, all the nurses were standing there and going like this (ululating with their lips,)” she told News Nation.

“They [the nurses] were all so happy that they [the terrorists] came back with prey, with Israeli Jewish prey,” she added.

She pointed out that a senior nurse was spearheading the celebrations, suggesting that others were likely intimidated by her authority.

“I really don’t think all of them were happy to see us; they were very much terrified,” she said.

“Because you have to understand that right now, they are surrounded by people that are gun-loaded,” she added.

Elizabeth Vargas, the interviewer, emphasizes, “That’s crucial. Because Hamas has long denied that the militant group operates inside hospitals.”

Hamas still holds more than 100 hostages in Gaza, including five Americans, while Israel has reported that at least 32 of them have already lost their lives.

“I will not have peace until they are all out,” said Ra’anan.


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