Former Senator Al Franken: 'If Trump Puts His Hand on the Bible, It Will Burst into Flames' -
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Former Senator Al Franken: ‘If Trump Puts His Hand on the Bible, It Will Burst into Flames’

Former Senator Al Franken (D-MN) said on Monday during an appearance on MSNBC’s ‘Inside’ that if former President Donald Trump were to testify in his court cases and place his hand on the Bible, ‘it would burst into flames.’

Host Jen Psaki began: “As you’re watching this, and you see all the different messages the Democratic party is throwing at him, there’s a lot of material there, there’s no question, there’s the legal cases obviously his threat to abortion rights, the threat to the Affordable Care Act.”

“What should people be doing? There’s almost too many to pick from. What is the right approach, in your view?” she asked.

Franken replied: “The right approach is to go door to door and knock on doors especially in blue areas and get out the vote. That’s the right thing for people watching today, watching MSNBC, who care about this election, get involved and do that. That’s the right argument is.”

“I think that as these cases unfold and thank God, we actually have one coming to trial. I think it’ll be very clear,” he continued.

“You started your show talking to Michael Cohen. I think it’s pretty clear that this case was exactly that, a hush-money case. You know, I’m looking forward to — I don’t know whether he will testify, I know his lawyers know that he lies a lot, but I hope he testifies because when he puts the hand on the Bible, I want to see it burst into flames,” he added.

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