Former Attorney General Bill Barr Claims: 'Trump's Verbal Skills Are Limited' -
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Former Attorney General Bill Barr Claims: ‘Trump’s Verbal Skills Are Limited’

Former Attorney General Bill Barr stated on Thursday during C-SPAN’s coverage of an event at Harvard’s Institute of Politics that former President Donald Trump has “limited verbal skills.”

When asked about what Trump’s flaws are, Barr replied: “I believe his primary flaw lies in focusing more on performance rather than substance.”

“He is more interested in performing and getting a reaction than he is of solving a particular problem,” he added.

“Untimely we need some degree of unity. We are all in the same boat. We have to figure out a way to muddle through Someone who is constantly rolling around in the mud and fighting at the drop of a hat and is strictly in that mode, I’m worried about them getting us through,” he continued.

Referring to Trump saying Hezbollah is “very smart,” CBS chief correspondent Jan Crawford said: “I thought his comments on Hezbollah, that was appalling. I mean, do you think he’s, is he losing it?”

Barr replied: “His verbal skills are limited. And so he, you know, if you get him away from ‘very, very, very,’ the adjectives sort of– they’re unfamiliar to him and they sort of spill out and he goes too far.”

“You know, he’s not very disciplined when it comes to what he says,” he added.


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