WATCH: FBI Agents Arrest American Reporter for Covering January 6 Protests and Questioning Official Narrative -
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WATCH: FBI Agents Arrest American Reporter for Covering January 6 Protests and Questioning Official Narrative

The Blaze reporter Steve Baker was arrested Friday morning by FBI agents for his coverage of the January 6 protest and for questioning the official narrative.

Nearly three years following the events of January 6, 2021,’ Blaze journalist Steve Baker revealed in December that he will face charges for his actions on that day while reporting live from the scene.

In October 2023, Steve disclosed that he had been under investigation by Chris Wray’s FBI for the past two years due to his reporting on the historic protests in Washington, D.C.

Even journalists aren’t immune to the actions of this tyrannical government. Steve expected to face charges under the Biden administration.

Steve Baker recounted his experiences from that day in a previous report. Then, in February 2021, he started to question the potential involvement of others in the protests and riots. This was clearly off-limits.

The left-wing Sedition Hunters compiled a rather impressive spreadsheet of all types of journalists, with designations of “Interior (Breach),” “Interior (Press Corps),” and “Restricted Grounds” assigned to 160 different “confirmed” journalists, and an additional spreadsheet tab listing 45 “unconfirmed” reporters and videographers.

When I first looked up the Sedition Hunters’ spreadsheet over a year ago, I wasn’t listed. So I contacted them and asked to be added. They didn’t respond to me directly. Instead, they blocked me from their Twitter page. A more recent search shows they added my name, along with my Locals blog link, my Twitter handle, and my Rumble page, with the “Interior (Breach)” designation under the “confirmed” tab.

(My journalistic activities on January 6 took place before I became a Blaze Media contributor.)

I made no effort to hide what I was doing on January 6. I did two different interviews that same day with WUSA, a CBS News affiliate in Washington, D.C. I also uploaded a short YouTube video commentary later that same evening.

Upon returning to my home in Raleigh, North Carolina, I socked myself away for five days, doing a frame-by-frame analysis of my own videos. I then wrote and published on January 13, 2021, a 9,500-word opus to my blog detailing what I experienced that day, titled, “What I Saw on January 6th in Washington, D.C.”

That piece, and a February 24, 2021, follow-up, “Who was ‘Up the Chain’ on January 6?” has been viewed and read by hundreds of thousands of readers on my blog and various social media pages.

Clearly, the regime did not find this acceptable.

On Wednesday, Steve Baker revealed that he has been directed to surrender himself on Friday.

On Friday Steve was arrested.

As reported by The Blaze:

Baker told Blaze News he’s been instructed to turn himself in at the agency’s field office at 7 a.m. wearing “shorts and sandals” — which he said signals that the plan likely is to go for “humiliation” and place him in an orange jumpsuit, handcuff him, and do the ‘prisoner transport routine.”


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