Donald Trump Provides Significant Update on His Case: 'US District Attorneys Being Controlled by the Biden Administration' -
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Donald Trump Provides Significant Update on His Case: ‘US District Attorneys Being Controlled by the Biden Administration’

During a Thursday recess in the trial led by the New York Attorney General, President Trump engaged in discussions with attorneys. The focus of the conversation was the persistent and organized legal attacks against him by the radical Marxist left.

President Trump accused the Biden White House of manipulating the district attorneys and instigating political witch hunts against him – the leading candidate in the 2024 election.

This is what President Trump said:

Top people right under the Attorney General put him into the district attorney’s office. Also, put a man into the state Attorney General’s office, Letitia James’s office. It happened to be the same man.

This is coming right from the White House. This is a disgraceful situation. The country’s never seen anything like it. But this expert witness, highly respected by everybody with a resume that few people have ever seen before, said there was no fraud. There was no accounting fraud. There was nothing.

And this is what we’re doing here while people are being murdered right outside all the sidewalks and streets of New York, while people are experiencing horrible violent crime at levels that nobody’s ever seen in the city before. This is what the Attorney General is spending all of her time on…

The statements that we put in were very conservative. They were the opposite of what they said. The accounting fraud.

And the fraud was on behalf of the judge and the Attorney General, who took assets and made them numbers that were fraudulent. As an example, Mar a Lago as an example, Doral in Miami. As an example, 40 Wall Street and others, where they cut the values to a level that nobody’s even imagined. You take a look at Doral and look at the numbers that we’re talking about for Doral. But the most obvious of all, because of the fact that people know it, is when you value a place like Mar-a-Lago at $18 million, when it’s worth anywhere from 50 to 100 times that amount.

We had an expert witness in the other day. He’s the biggest broker in the country for luxury properties. I guess he’s the ultimate expert, actually, he valued Mar-a-Lago at over a billion dollars, and the judge valued it at 18 million. The judge doesn’t know the value of Mar-a-Lago. And the Attorney General is the one that convinced the judge to say that it’s a fraud.

The whole case is a fraud. What they’ve done is they’ve weaponized justice. And this is coming from the White House because I’m beating Biden by a lot, and this is coming right out of the White House. You know it, I know it, and they know it.

So just to end this, the expert witness, one of the most highly respected people in the country for doing this kind of work, found absolutely no accounting fraud. This case should be ended. Also, the judge, as you know, was rebuked and that he was overturned by the appellate division of the New York State Supreme Court, which is a higher court, much higher court than where we are right now.

The judge refused to acknowledge it. This case would be over because that was about 90% of the case having to do a statute of limitations. This case should be over. This case should have never been brought. This was a political witch hunt by an Attorney General who’s out of control and tried to get elected governor and fail.

But this is a political witch hunt, and our country should be ashamed of what’s going on. But we will probably go forward, and I’m sure nothing will have any bearing on what this judge does. It’s a very sad day for our country because people are coming in. We can say this every day, and we are totally innocent. This is weaponization of justice.


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