Donald Trump Gives an EXCLUSIVE UPDATE… '2024 Movement It's Even Stronger Than It Was in 2016' -
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Donald Trump Gives an EXCLUSIVE UPDATE… ‘2024 Movement It’s Even Stronger Than It Was in 2016’

In an interview with Breitbart News, President Trump revealed that the movement supporting his 2024 comeback campaign is “even stronger” than the one that backed him in 2016.

“I think, in terms of movement—you can use that word if you want—but I think it’s even stronger than it was in 2016,” Trump said. “People saw what we can do.”

“I think it’s bigger now than it was then,” Trump continued.

“Now we’ve been tested. We had four great years, and we did things nobody thought could be done, including cutting taxes at the highest level and cutting regulations at a level that gave us the most jobs we ever had,” he added.

Asked why he thinks this movement is bigger and stronger than it was in 2016, Trump said that people feel like their country is slipping away from them.

“They want their country back. It’s simple,” Trump said.

“They want their country back. Their country has been taken away from them. On top of it, whenever something happens, they get accused of the worst things. All they want is common sense. You know what it’s about? We can all say we’re conservative or this or that, but it’s really about common sense. We need borders. We need good schools. We want low prices. We don’t want inflation. We want a strong military. We want no regulations or as little as possible. You know, it’s common sense—most of it. They want that back,” he explained.

He stated that some people over Easter were painting potatoes because they could not afford eggs under Biden’s abysmal economy.

“I just think that the spirit now, and you’re looking at the polls—once I started campaigning because I announced just prior to the year. I announced just prior to the beginning of the year, and then the media said, ‘he hasn’t done a rally,’ and I said, ‘it’s two years to go,’ well now we’re getting very close,” Trump said.

“We really started moving about a month and a half ago. Since then, it’s been one way up. It’s been an amazing thing to watch. People want to see and want to have their country back,” he said.

“They want to stop the invasion. They want to stop the drugs from pouring in. Drugs are coming into our country now at such a record level. We spent so much time and money stopping it. We had our great German Shepherds all over the place and expensive equipment—by the way, nothing is better than a certain type of German Shepherd, you know that, right? Better than millions of dollars worth of equipment. Who would have thought? They’re unbelievable. They left the dogs in Afghanistan for the Taliban, and the Taliban doesn’t like dogs; so that probably wasn’t a good ending,” Trump added.

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